Gluten Free Bases


Pack of 2


  1. Heidi Greaves


    Just got home from the good food show at Harrogate. For a quick dinner i prepared a pizza from dough it yourself which i purchased whilst there – what can i say!!! absolutely delicious! In fact the best pizza I ever had – will be ordering on line! The
    hot spicy sauce was out of this world!!! Well done and good luck :)

  2. Bryn Young


    Well I’ve tried some famous takeaway Gluten free pizzas and in my opinion the bases taste like cardboard however I bumped into this chap at a food festival in the northeast who assured me that I would enjoy these bases. I thought for the reasonable price it wouldn’t break the bank so got 2 bases. I can only confirm what the guy said. They were lovely, they were tasteful and blew the takeaway pizza bases away, Thanks.

  3. Preston


    fantastic quick and easy tastes brilliant

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