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“When I go to the market I think your bases and sauce are yummy”
Megan aged 4, Wilmslow

“My husband and I bought the pizza bases at Wilmslow Artisan Market as we struggle to ever find bases thin enough. We absolutely loved these. And with a pizza stone we got the bases really crispy.”
Janine Fletcher

“We bought two packs of two bases and one of each type of sauce and we were amazed by how much nicer they were than supermarket pizzas. It’s like having a restaurant-quality pizza in your home but at a fraction of the price.”
David and Ailish McDonnell, Northenden, Manchester.

“I adore the bases and so do my kids, we love making pizzas together. It’s a great way to get children interested in cooking.”

Neil and Orla Clarke, Didsbury, Manchester.

“My children just love making them and so do I. They are simple, quick, hassle-free, fun and – most importantly of all – delicious.”
Mandy McGuinness, Withington, Manchester.

“I bought some at Withington market in Manchester recently and was blown away by the crispy texture. So many pizzas are horribly doughy, but these are light and packed with flavour.”
David Mackin, Liverpool