Dough It Yourself – Buy Pizza Bases Online

It is an enduring mystery to pizza lovers why even the so-called finest pizzas from shops and supermarkets are so bland and tasteless. Yet there are nearly half a billion of such pizzas sold in the UK each year.

Frankly, we at Dough It Yourself think you, the Great British public, deserves better. That is why we have worked tirelessly to bring you the finest home pizza on the market – and we like to think we’ve done a pretty good job.

Rather than a finished product that has been put together on a factory assembly line and then frozen – removing so much taste from an already taste-challenged product and restricting the consumer to just a handful of varieties, we take a different approach. Our pizza bases are made of only the finest natural ingredients and par-baked before being cooled and vacuum sealed.

This means you only have to follow our simple cooking guidelines by adding one of our divine sauces and a few toppings of your choice to the base before putting your creation in the oven and, within 6-8 minutes, you have a stunning homemade pizza – only without all the hassle of having to make and roll your own dough.

In other words, we’ve done all but the fun part because that bit is for you the enjoy. Our pizzas are the way they are meant to be – super thin and super crispy. What’s more, they are so simple and fun to make. For a demonstration by Dough It Yourself creator/founder Mark McGuinness take a look below:

If you have a few friends coming over, children to entertain or are on your own and fancy a tasty treat, Dough It Yourself pizza bases are perfect.

We aim to redefine the way people eat pizzas in their homes. Don’t settle for anything less than the best any more – don’t settle for anything less than Dough It Yourself.